Lifetime Licenses


Dogs three months of age or older may be permanently licensed by the County Treasurer’s Office in your county of residence. A tattoo is placed on the inside of the right-hind leg of the dog or a micro-chip is placed under the skin. A lifetime permanent license tag is also issued. This eliminates the need to purchase annual dog licenses. If you have questions regarding dog licenses, please contact Ashley Feller at 717-771-4386.

Step 1

Dog Owner completes a lifetime dog license application, and sends it along with the appropriate fee payable to York County Treasurer.

Send to:
York County Treasurer
Lifetime Dog License
28 East Market St, Room 126
York, PA 17401-1584

NOTE: License fees are listed on the application and may be paid by check or money order.

Step 2

Upon receipt of the application you will receive a Permanent Identification Verification Form (PIVF) from the Treasurer’s Office.

Step 3

Have your Dog tattooed with the assigned number or implanted with a micro-chip identification system under the skin by a licensed veterinarian. Your veterinarian will complete the PIVF form.

Step 4

Mail the original and completed PIV form to the County Treasurer's Office. Faxes, emails, or copies will not be accepted. (If your dog is spayed or neutered, enclose a copy of the certification documents with the PIVF form.)

Step 5

The County Treasurer issues you a PERMANENT LICENSE and a stainless steel Collar ID TAG for your dog.


Lifetime Dog License Application by Mail

Lifetime Dog License Application Online by Credit Card

By state law, your dog is not legally licensed until the completed PIVF is received by the County Treasurer. This procedure MUST be completed within 30 days from the date issued by the Treasurer's Office.