Payroll Forms

Welcome to the Payroll Forms section on the York County Controller’s website. Here you’ll find a variety of forms for use by new or existing employees regarding payroll deductions, taxes, direct deposit and more.

The Credit Union Payroll Deduction Authorization/Change form can be used by any employee wishing to deposit money into a credit union account. It can be used for all credit unions.

The Direct Deposit of Payroll Authoriziation form is required for use by all employees to set up direct deposit into a banking account or to make changes to an existing direct deposit.

The W-4 form is for use by employees to set up federal income tax witholdings. It is also used for address changes, name changes and any changes to withholding levels.

You will also find information here regarding the NaCO Deferred Compensation Plan, a voluntary retirement plan available through Nationwide Retirement Solutions.


Credit Union Payroll Deduction Auth/Change

Direct Deposit of Payroll Authorization

Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate (W-4)

NACo Deferred Compensation Plan