Chief Clerk/Office Manager

Sherry L. Baer - Chief Clerk/Office Manager

York County Administrative Center
28 East Market St.
York, PA 17401-1588
Phone: 717-771-9964
Fax: 717-771-9804

The Chief Clerk/Office Manager is responsible for all statutory duties as Chief Clerk to the Board of Commissioners, including signatory authority and attestation of contracts and other legal documents.

The Chief Clerk/Office Manager also provides administrative support and office management services for the Board of Commissioners. The position is responsible for coordinating weekly board meeting agendas, minutes, and processing all documents and information for the Board of Commissioners' review. Duties also include management of all County telephone systems, including installation and repair.  

The position  is responsible for coordinating all Commissioner calendars and events and arranging meetings both in and out of the office.

Ms. Baer also serves as the Right To Know Officer for the County.