MH-MR Program To Change Names

The York/Adams Mental Health-Mental Retardation program will take on a new name effective November 1.

The program will be renamed the York/Adams Mental Health – Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Program (York/Adams MH-IDD Program).

The change was recently approved by the joint board that manages the program. The board is composed of county commissioners from York and Adams counties.

The goal of the name change is to better reflect the types of services provided by the agency, as well as the types of individuals who receive those services.

The change is also consistent in name with the President’s Committee For People With Intellectual Disabilities, formerly known as the President's Committee on Mental Retardation..

The York/Adams MH-IDD Program serves individuals with mental illness, intellectual disabilities and developmental delays. Its mission is to enhance these individuals’ quality of life and provide them the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

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