Prison To Furlough Some Work-Release Inmates

The York County Prison will furlough approximately 90 male work-release inmates for 72 hours later this week.

Work-release prisoners are minimum-security offenders who require the lowest level of supervision. They are already permitted by a judge to leave the facility for employment purposes, and sometimes receive individual furloughs to attend funerals and other events.

A broader furlough, approved by order of the York County Court of Common Pleas, will take place between Thursday and Sunday mornings. It is required to permit the extermination of bed bugs believed to have been brought into the prison’s work-release housing by a prisoner(s).

The bugs have not been located inside the main prison building, but are isolated to the work-release “trailers” located outside the main facility. There are approximately 140-150 male prisoners who live in the work-release housing at the prison. The furlough does not affect female work-release prisoners.

The presence of bed bugs in the male work-release housing was first reported to prison staff approximately 14 days ago and was initially believed to be isolated to one specific area. Prison staff responded by conducting a localized extermination.

Subsequent inspection by a professional exterminator determined a broader presence of the bugs than initially discovered.

The prison must relocate the 90 work-release prisoners off site to conduct a full extermination. Other inmates living in the affected work-release housing will be moved to different locations within the facility as necessary to permit the extermination.

The extermination will involve the dismantling of prisoner bunks and spraying by an exterminator.

Furloughed prisoners will be permitted to return home or to stay temporarily with friends or family. They must report back to the prison at the scheduled time or face a bench warrant.


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