Courts Warn Of Fake Text Messages

The York County Court of Common Pleas is warning the public about fake text messages involving jury duty.

The Court Administrator’s office has received several inquiries from members of the public who have received a text message that reads: 

“Hey your name is in the paper! The court house has your name on a failure to appear list. U missed jury duty u need to call them ASAP here’s the #704-319-7254.”

When individuals call the number, a recorded voice states that the caller is hearing a message from the National Justice Center regarding the individual’s failure to appear for jury duty. The voice indicates that the caller is facing a $500 fine or 30-day prison sentence as a result of failing to appear.

The voice toward the end of the message indicates that message is a joke. However, it is believed some individuals are hanging up before reaching the end of the message and, as a result, believe the message to be legitimate. 

The York County Court of Common Pleas does not use text message to alert people regarding jury duty, and does not publish lists of individuals who have failed to appear.

Individuals who receive this text message are advised to disregard and delete it.


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