Sheriff's Office Warns of Scam

It has come to our attention that there have been phone solicitations or communications using the name of The York County Sheriff’s Office.

The callers identify themselves as being with The York County Sheriff’s Office and request the payment of fees, debts, or monies to satisfy warrants. The actor perpetrating this fraud may even use the threat of arrest if fees are not paid.  

The phone number displayed on your phone I.D. may be electronically blocked or may actually display The York County Sheriff’s Office phone number.  

The York County Sheriff’s Office is not in the practice of calling to collect fees or debts for any company or individual or to satisfy a warrant.

If you receive such a call asking for your credit card information or instructing you to wire funds to pay off a debt or write a check for a supposed amount owed, please get all the information you can from the caller and contact the Pennsylvania’s Sheriffs' Association.  The toll free number for the PA Sheriffs' Association is 877-236-7335

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