Thank you for visiting the new York County website.

If you’ve visited the county's site before, you’ve probably noticed the new site is significantly different than its predecessor. Below is a brief guide on how to use the new site.

Browser Compatibility

The new site is optimized for the current and most recent releases of all major Internet browsers. People using older versions may not be able to view pictures or certain graphics. We recommend updating to a current version of your preferred browswer for the best experience with the site.

How to Navigate the Site

The new site incorporates consistent and comprehensive navigation to make it easier for you to move through the site. The main menus (the two horizontal blue bars at the top of each page) remain on all webpages.
Each department or office also has its own menu items on the left hand side of each page. This menu may expand and contract as you select different items to reveal/hide items related to the topic you’ve selected.

How to Search for A Specific Department/Office

There are now multiple ways to find a particular department’s website.
• A full alphabetical list is available by clicking on the “Department Directory” tab at the top of any web page.
• A listing is also available from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the home page,
• Departments and key services are also listed by topic in the main navigation under the applicable tabs, such as “Courts & Criminal Justice.”

How to Find a Service or Program

Finding a specific program or service has never been easier. One option is to look on the applicable department’s web page. If you aren’t sure which department provides the service or program, you can search for it by selecting the “Quick-Find Services” tab at the top of any web page.

How to Find a Specific Form

We’ve incorporated into the new site a Forms Directory at the top of every page under the title “Forms.” This directory provides direct access to popular forms. If you are unable to find a form there, please visit the applicable department’s webpage.

Finding Public Meetings, Events and Training Opportunities

The new site for the first time incorporates a centralized calendar at the bottom of every web page. You can refine the view to show only the items in which you’re interested. Online registration is also available for select events.

New Address

The new site address is This ties in with a change in email addresses for most County employees earlier this year. The goal of these changes is to make the addresses easier to remember and type.
If you’ve saved the previous home page (or a particular department home page) address as a “favorite,” you should be redirected to the correct place on the new site.

Improved Communication Tools

York County employs a robust set of tools that can help you stay up to date with the news and events from County government. The new site makes accessing these tools simple. For example, the new site features a revamped news release section on the home page, and a centralized spot to sign up for social media outlets, newsletters and other publications.

Like with anything new, we anticipate a learning curve as our community acclimates to the new site. But we hope you’ll find the site to be a major improvement of its predecessor.

Please take a minute to learn the new site. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at

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