Funding sought for Sheepford Road Bridge

The York County Commissioners last week approved an application between the York County Planning Commission and the engineering firm HRG that would seek funding to rehabilitate the Sheepford Road Bridge.

The Planning Commission and HRG will work with the Cumberland County Planning Department and the West Shore Historical Society to submit the final application for the 2021 Transportation Alternative Set Aside, or TASA, program.Sheepford Rd Bridge 1 3 scaled 79

TASA is a PennDOT program that provides funding for projects and activities defined as transportation alternatives.

The Sheepford Road Bridge runs over the Yellow Breeches Creek, connecting Fairview Township in York County to Lower Allen Township in Cumberland County. It was closed in January of 2020 because it was no longer safe for traffic.

“The effort underway by the county, York County Planning Commission, HRG and West Shore Historical Society is an example of local collaboration that could preserve something of value to a community,” said York County President Commissioner Julie Wheeler. “While no outcome is guaranteed at this point, we are pleased to be exploring every avenue to potentially keep this bridge for pedestrian use.”

York County Prison partners with WellSpan for re-entrants

The commissioners also approved an agreement with WellSpan Health to identify re-entrants from York County Prison who could benefit from enhanced supports during their transition process from prison to society.

The objective of this partnership is to improve re-entrants’ health outcomes and reduce avoidable hospital admissions. There is no cost to the county for this program.

“This is part of a larger reentry effort consisting of stakeholders who meet weekly to discuss individuals with reentry concerns who are nearing release from prison,” said York County Prison Warden Adam Ogle. “Although this special program is relatively new, there have already been clear signs of positive outcomes with decreases in ER/inpatient stays and reduced recidivism through the first 90 days post-involvement with the team. We are very thankful for this support and look forward to the brighter future of successful reentry in York County."

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