Creating a vision for York County's future

Earlier this month, the York County Commissioners hired a Harrisburg company to facilitate and assist with the development of a countywide strategic plan.

Wakeen & Company will use an engaging and productive process to work with the York County Planning Commission and the county to bring forth the strategic plan, a first of its kind for York County government. The process is expected to be completed by the end of November.

“The process will look at the ‘county’ through a dual lens – as one of the largest employers in York County, as well as the community that we call home,” York County President Commissioner Julie Wheeler said.

As part of the process, all county employees will be encouraged to participate in a cultural index assessment to establish strategic priorities for York County government. Likewise, a
community survey is under development to obtain public input, which will identify priorities affecting York County government and how it serves its nearly 450,000 residents.

The Commissioners are grateful for the Planning Commission’s deep involvement with the process and look forward to the direction that the plan will provide for 2022 and beyond.

“The Planning Commission is eager to undertake this work to improve our community, our services, and our future. We thank the Commissioners for the opportunity to be part of this
important process,” York County Planning Commission Director Felicia Dell said.

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