County assesses local internet needs

The County of York, York County Economic Alliance (YCEA) and the YoCo Fiber Broadband Task Force are seeking more information surrounding the internet needs of the county.

These agencies are gathering data on current internet access, speeds and costs to advance the YoCo Fiber broadband initiative that seeks to upgrade countywide access to broadband for residents, businesses and other entities such as schools, medical facilities and nonprofits. This includes pinpointing where internet access is unreliable, insufficient or not available throughout the county.

The YoCo Broadband Task Force has launched a survey to gauge York County’s internet needs.


Everyone is encouraged to take the survey. It is the first step toward faster, more reliable and potentially affordable internet service in York County.

The YoCo Fiber Broadband Task Force was created last year after the pandemic exposed inadequacies in internet service across York County. Some places in the county have no access to the internet at all, while other urban and rural regions are significantly underserved.

The York County Commissioners, with the help of YCEA, used CARES funding to run fiber optic cables through a conduit below the Heritage Rail Trail County Park. This fiber line will become the back bone for access to internet service in areas of the county that lack it.

The fiber line has established high speed internet signals along the Rail Trail. These signals are providing free high speed internet at the Hanover Junction train station and Stump Park, next to the Brillhart Station entry point to the trail. It is the goal of this collaboration to increase reliable access to WiFi for many more York County residents.

In parallel with these pilot projects, York County and YCEA completed a countywide broadband feasibility study and business plan that will guide the work to expand countywide broadband access. To learn more visit

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