Commissioners to study countywide health department and broadband internet

The Commissioners also approved three construction contracts for the York County morgue.

The York County Board of Commissioners took further action on Aug. 5, 2020, to allocate a portion of CARES Act funding to support and hasten the county’s pathway to recovery.

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Following guidance and recommendations set forth in the YoCo Strong Recovery Task Force Report, the County Commissioners voted unanimously for the following allocations:
 An amount not to exceed $150,000 to support the feasibility analysis of a Countywide health bureau.
 An amount not to exceed $150,000 to support the feasibility analysis of broadband capacity and connectivity.

This announcement follows last week’s allocation for the YoCo Strong Restart Fund to aid small businesses and nonprofits. The commissioners unanimously approved $10 million for small business relief, and $4 million to nonprofits, all deriving from the $40.5 million in Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding received by the county. More allocations will follow in the coming weeks.

The determinations for allocations have been driven by the guidance and work of the YoCo STRONG Recovery Task Force, which evaluated the response of the COVID crisis in our community, and determined what steps are necessary to ensure the continued health and safety of our citizenry. The York County Board of Commissioners developed the YoCo STRONG Recovery Task Force at the end of April in response to the pandemic.

“We will continue to allocate the CARES Act funding as swiftly and efficiently as possible,” said York County President Commissioner Julie Wheeler, on behalf of the Board of Commissioners. “We are fortunate to have the YoCo Strong Recovery Task Force recommendations to enlighten us on the needs of the community and industries hardest hit by this pandemic. Two of the highest priority recommendations from the Task Force were a Countywide health bureau, and ensuring all citizens have access to broadband technology, which has become a societal necessity for working, educating, and living.”

The Commissioners welcome input at their regular public meetings, held at 10 a.m. on the first, third and, when applicable, fifth Wednesdays of the month. Meetings are also streamed on Facebook.

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Also, at the Commissioners Aug. 5, 2020, meeting, the Board awarded construction contracts for the York County morgue.

“As York County continues to grow, it is only natural that the Coroner’s caseload will grow," said York County President Commissioner Julie Wheeler. "This dedicated space will improve capacity, update space for forensic exams, and offer a private viewing area for families. A special thank you to York Hospital for years of supporting our community with their morgue."

“York County residents deserve to have an updated and accredited morgue facility/forensic center of their own," said York County Coroner Pam Gay. "While appreciative, we have outgrown the shared space at York Hospital, and we are very excited about the opportunities this additional space adjacent to our new office will provide. By utilizing and renovating an existing facility on county land, we have shown that we can be mindful of the taxpayer while continuing to provide efficient and updated services.”

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