York County completes mail-in count

York County Elections & Voter Registration Department completed the opening and counting of all of the county’s mail-in/absentee ballots on the night of the June 2 Presidential Primary, which totaled nearly 40,000.

2020 primary mail in count

This was done with the help of about 40 York County employees who spent primary day and evening opening ballots.

>>>York County's results for the 2020 Presidential Primary<<<

The large amount of mail-in ballot applications received – York County sent out more than 54,000 mail-in ballots – spurred doubts across the state that counties would be able to tabulate mail-in results on the night of the primary. York County met the challenge and exceeded expectations by completing its mail-in/absentee count by 9:30 p.m., ahead of the in-person votes being tabulated.

The York County Board of Elections thanks the county employees who volunteered their time to the Department of Elections & Voter Registration to achieve this daunting task.

There were approximately 85,000 total ballots cast by registered York County voters in the 2020 Presidential Primary. The county’s voter turnout hovered just over 29 percent of total registered voters. Of the 54,243 mail-in ballots processed, 74 percent of them were returned.

The York County Board of Elections swore in counters at a public meeting on June 5. This began the canvassing process, with results expected to be finalized by the board on Friday, June 12. During this process, the county will cross-check the 2,704 provisional ballots that were cast at polling locations to ensure no one voted twice.



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