York County eyes recovery

The York County Board of Commissioners unviled a multi‐faceted recovery strategy and subsequent task force to evaluate COVID crisis management, mitigation, the recovery of our community, and the restart of our economy.

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This YoCo STRONG Recovery Task Force will evaluate the response of the COVID crisis in our community, and determine what steps are necessary to ensure the continued health and safety of our citizenry.

“The effects of the COVID‐19 crisis have been sweeping,” said York County President Commissioner Julie Wheeler, on behalf of the Board of Commissioners. “No aspect of life as we once knew it has been left unaltered. While the full breadth, depth, and duration of this healthcare and economic crisis are unknown, it is evident that the County government must begin the necessary planning to progress towards the new sense of normalcy we one day will reach.”

The recovery process is best described as a sequence of interdependent and often concurrent activities that progressively advance a community toward its planned recovery outcomes. The YoCo STRONG Recovery Task Force will carry out a Recovery Plan built to deliver assistance and return the County to new‐normal conditions as quickly as possible.

The Recovery Plan includes evaluation of areas of focus on:

  • Emergency Management, Resources, & Preparedness
  • Local Government Recovery
  • Court System
  • Law Enforcement / Criminal Justice
  • Healthcare & Resurgence Mitigation
  • Economic Recovery & Restart
  • Hospitality Industry Restart
  • Non‐Profit & Social Services Restart
  • Technological Capacity
  • Education & Childcare
  • Vulnerable Populations
  • Equitable & Inclusive Recovery

The Areas of Focus will evaluate what worked well and what did not throughout the ensuing crisis, and will encompass short, mid, and long‐term recommendations, tasks, and goals. There will be two overarching themes woven throughout each area of focus: public policy recommendations and steps to ensure our County’s restart is equitable, inclusive, and focused on all county residents.

“As this crisis is multi‐faceted, so too will be its recovery,” Wheeler said. “Building a resilient community requires an inclusive and engaging planning process.”

The Commissioners plan to communicate the plan for the public for review and feedback prior to completion. The Commissioners welcome input and insight throughout this entire process through direct channels of communications or via their regular public meetings, held at 10 a.m. on the first, third and, when applicable, fifth Wednesdays of the month. It is anticipated the final report will be completed in two or three weeks. Feedback may also be submitted to

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