County furloughs 277 employees

The York County Commissioners have taken action to temporarily furlough county employees amid the economic impact from COVID-19. The furlough is effective Saturday, April 11, and affects 277 positions over 31 County and Judicial Departments. Additionally, the County has also frozen the hiring of non-essential personnel.

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The determination of which positions could be furloughed was based upon the Commissioners ask of each elected official and department director to determine what work is life sustaining and mission critical and which employees are needed to accomplish that work. This unprecedented measure is necessary due to the adverse economic impact of COVID-19.

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Some of the challenges facing the County are that half of the county’s budget comes from state and federal taxes, which the County anticipates may be delayed as deadlines are extended on tax payments and money diverted to critical stimulus packages.

In addition, the County anticipates delays in real estate tax payments which will also impact the county’s cash flow. In prior years the County could rely on borrowing funds until tax revenues were received. However, the current state of the financial markets has rendered county government incapable of borrowing such funds and with a $7.1 million debt service payment coming due at the beginning of June, the County cannot afford to go into default on this loan.

This difficult decision to furlough employees will save the county approximately $717,000 per month and will allow county government to concentrate funding the essential services that are provided to the community and sustain operations for as long as possible.

It is our plan that all furloughed employees will be able to return to work once we have emerged from this crisis and the curve has been flattened.

We are dealing with an international health crisis whose length and proportion are still unknown and we are taking actions to best position York County government to weather this storm. Public safety remains a top priority of this administration.


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