York County's modified operations

York County has changed its operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This list is subject to change. We encourage all residents to be mindful of the governor's Stay at Home Order. More on that can be found here.

York County Administrative Center, York County Human Services Center, York County Archives and York County at Pleasant Valley Road are closed to the public, but offices welcome phone calls, mail and email. York County Prison, York County 911 and the Youth Development Center are essential, 24-7 operations.

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Ag Land Preservation

We are continuing the required easement application reviews and farm visits to qualify and rank the farms for preservation. Note our state funding has deadlines for use, so we cannot stop our work to process the farms. Staff will stop in daily for files and to return emails and calls.2017 howard tunnel

Center for Traffic Safety

To reach our staff, visit our Facebook page.


Available by email, phone or appointment.

Conservation District

Limited office staff, many working remotely. Visiting the office to pick up or deliver timely documents.

Elections & Voter Registration

Mail-in ballot applications can be submitted online.

Human Services

Operational modifications for Youth Development Center; Children, Youth & Families; Area Agency on Aging; HealthChoices; and York/Adams Drug & Alcohol Commission.

Office of Conflict Counsel

Not seeing clients in person. We are available via phone and e-mail and we are processing mail. We're working on cases and accepting referrals from the Court and Public Defender’s office. We will see clients at the prison as long as we are allowed in that facility. We are available for those court proceedings allowed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Please call 717-771-9220 with any questions.


York County Parks’ grounds will remain open during the governor’s Stay at Home Order, which lasts until April 6. While gates will be open, our facilities such as restrooms, Canine Meadows, Nixon Park Nature Center and playgrounds will remain closed during this time. We ask that park users enjoy our spaces cautiously and practice safe distances of at least six feet and do not congregate in large groups of more than 10 people. If large gatherings persist, we will have to close the gates. If a parking area is busy, consider another area. The Parks administrative building at Rudy Park remains closed to walk-ins, but our staff is available for your calls and emails during normal business hours.

As York County’s response to COVID-19 evolves, so do our operations. We do not want to encourage large gatherings, but we understand the public’s desire to use our parks, particularly as the weather clears up. While we essentially cannot close large open spaces, we appreciate the public’s use of these areas with respect to social distancing. Our goal is to align this modification with that of the state parks. And always remember to carry out whatever you carry in!

Please be patient with us as we continue our response to this pandemic while simultaneously serving York County residents. Public safety remains this administration’s priority.

Planning Commission

We will continue to administer programs as along as it does not put our staff or clients in harm’s way. We will continue to receive and process land development and subdivision plans as well as Comprehensive Plans, Zoning Ordinances, Subdivision/Land Development Ordinances, and Official Map Ordinances and amendments thereto. We will also continue to accept applications for housing improvement programs as well as bid packets. The best way to ensure your plans and documents are received is to submit them electronically, send them via mail, or to deliver them to the YCPC drop box in the vestibule of the York County Administrative Center. Please call ahead and inform us that you are dropping off documents so they can complete the delivery log. Plans and documents will be retrieved on a daily basis and processed accordingly.

As a health and safety precaution, we have canceled the majority of our meetings, events and workshops. The only meetings that remain on the calendar are those that can be conducted via conference call. If you are unsure if there is something scheduled or need to contact us for any reason, please check our website or call our office at 717-771-9870.


All entrants screened and denied access if temperature is 100 degrees or higher.

Public Defender

Individuals who normally come into the office are to call us at 717-771-9279 to set up a phone interview.

We are not fielding any walk-in applications but we are working on client cases. The President Judge has canceled all April pre-trial conferences. Current clients should call their attorney concerning how their cases shall proceed. Our York County Prison Offices are open and Preliminary Hearings for those individuals are not continued. Call 717-771-9217 with any questions.


As a result of the Disaster Emergency Declaration issued by the York County Commissioners on March 16, 2020, and the activation of the Multi-Agency Coordination Group, our Open Records office is closed to the public. Please note that any day an agency office is closed it is not a business day and is not calculated toward the deadline for an agency response in determining the five business day rule pursuant to the law. Requests received by the Open Records office during its closure to the public shall be dated as received on the next business day that the office is open to the public.

Tax Assessment

We continue accepting tax payments by mail or via the secure box in the Administrative Center lobby. Credit card payments can be made online.

Veterans Affairs

Robust capability without public access. Call 717-771-9218 to speak, or email, to connect with an accredited service officer with access to VA systems. Haven't had a conversation with an accredited service officer with access to VA systems? There is no time like the present.

Click here for York County row officers' modified operations.

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