Coronavirus information

York County is collaborating with health agencies, schools and various governments to handle the COVID-19 pandemic. We are following this situation as it evolves and adjusting our plans accordingly.

York County Commissioners declared a disaster emergency on March 16. The commissioners were joined by York City Bureau of Health and other county government leaders to announce other measures and changes in operations. York City is under a state of emergency and many municipalities around the county have issued similar declarations.

A toolkit for local government, created by WellSpan, is available here.

York County Economic Alliance has created a handy guide detailing local collaboration during the pandemic. This is available in English as well as Spanish.

Below are recommendations for preventative measures, as well useful links with timely information.

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Pennsylvania Department of Health is holding daily press briefings on COVID-19 at PEMA's headquarters, where Gov. Tom Wolf has taken up temporary residence.

York County Office of Emergency Management has activated its emergency preparedness team. During a pandemic response, the county serves as a resource for agencies to effectively communicate and share information. Our emergency planners are leaning heavily on public health agencies, including the state and city health departments.

It is important to note that in Pennsylvania, the county does not have the authority to compel school districts or other agencies and businesses to take actions. The county provides guidance, direction and support. In a public health emergency, the state Department of Health is the lead agency. The county has a pandemic plan and has had one for many years. Our role in a health emergency response is to provide resources and public information to support the incident. Ideally, the state health department will work through the other state agencies, such as PEMA, to ensure appropriate information is disseminated.

York County Human Services COVID19 1 from Brian Lazzaro on Vimeo.

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