York County row officers sworn in

The York County Commissioners and Treasurer were sworn in on Monday, Jan. 6. A second swearing in was held in addition to Friday's ceremony for judges and other row officers. The separate ceremony was held to accomodate elected officials' conflicting schedules.

Commissioners Doug Hoke, Julie Wheeler and Ron Smith as well as Treasurer Barb Bair took the oath of office.

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Hoke, who is entering his fourth term as commissioner, thanked the people of York County for allowing him to serve. He also commended the outgoing commissioners for their dedication.

Commissioner Julie Wheeler said commissioners' top priorities need to be public safety and economic growth in the community.

"We're blessed in York County that we have farmlands to global industries, rural areas to urban areas," Wheeler said. "We have a great Quaker heritage to our growing Latino community. I believe it is imperative as we move forward in a new decade to embrace diversity and inclusion in York County. And I believe the commissioners can lead the way to do this so that York County is viewed as a place where everyone can come and work, live and raise a family."

Ron Smith said on Monday that while the campaign is over, "the work now begins in earnest for the people who elected us to serve them." He said he looks forward to working alongside Wheeler and Hoke, the row officers and all of the county's nearly 2,200 employees.

Barb Bair, beginning her sixth term as county treasurer, said that she is now the senior member of the current elected officials in York County.

"I have no idea how that happened," Bair joked. "It snuck up on me, I must admit."

Bair then commended her dedicated staff.

"It is impossible to do this job without a team and there are a lot of people hidden behind the scenes that you never see," Bair said. "I look forward to working with them for the next four years for you."

Pictured are York County row officers and commissioners, from left to right. Seated: Prothonotary Allison Blew, Commissioner Julie Wheeler, Coroner Pam Gay, Recorder of Deeds Laura Shue. Standing: Sheriff Richard Keuerleber, Register of Wills/Clerk of Orphans Court Bryan Tate, Clerk of Courts Dan Byrnes, Commissioner Doug Hoke, Treasurer Barb Bair, Commissioner Ron Smith, District Attorney Dave Sunday and Controller Greg Bower.

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From Friday's ceremony

Four York County row officers took the oath of office on Friday, Jan. 3, alongside two York County Court of Common Pleas judges, a county commissioner and four magisterial district judges.

Sworn in Friday were Dan Byrnes, clerk of courts; Bryan Tate, register of wills/clerk of orphans court; Allison Blew, prothonotary; Richard Keuerleber, sheriff. Also sworn in were two common pleas judges — Harry Ness and Matthew Menges — and four magisterial district judges — Ronald Haskell Jr., Robert Eckenrode, Jeffrey Oberdorf and Joel Toluba.

Commissioner Ron Smith was sworn in during Friday's ceremony. He was also sworn in at a separate ceremony Monday, Jan. 6, with Commissioners Julie Wheeler and Doug Hoke as well as Treasurer Barb Bair. Like Friday's, the second county office swearing in was held inside the York County Administrative Center's ceremonial courtroom on the second floor.

Separate ceremonies were held to accomodate scheduling conflicts of some of the elected officials.

Pictured in the image from left to right are: Dan Byrnes, clerk of courts; Bryan Tate, register of wills/clerk of orphans court; Allison Blew, prothonotary; Richard Keuerleber, sheriff.

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During his remarks Friday, Commissioner Ron Smith thanked outgoing commissioners Susan Byrnes and Chris Reilly for their dedication to York County. He also detailed his expectations for the county's nearly 2,200 employees.

"Give 100 percent in whatever job you do and understand why we're here and who we serve," Smith said.

Smith, the former Dallastown Borough Council president, also denounced what he called an "us-versus-them mentality." In the end, Smith said, it's all about us, collectively, working for you, the residents of York County.

Keuerleber, entering his fourth term, thanked the voters of York County for trusting him with the position he said he is just as humbled to have today as he was at the beginning of his first term.

Dan Byrnes, the son of outgoing President Commissioner Susan Byrnes, acknowledged his predecessor, Georgine Keiser, who has served as York County Clerk of Courts since Don O'Shell left office for a job with the military earlier this year.

"I get to now walk into an office of 40 people who are happy to be there, are doing a great job and I greatly appreciate that," Dan Byrnes said.

Bryan Tate is succeeding Brad Jacobs, who served as the county's Register of Wills/Clerk of Orphans Court since 2000. Tate recounted his upbringing that influenced his desire to seek public office. He thanked the "top-notch team" in the register's office for attending the ceremony in a show of their support.

Allison Blew, who is succeeding Pam Lee as York County Prothonotary, exhibited noticeable excitement during her speech.

"I am so excited to start working," she said, adding that her opportunity to shadow Lee has been valuable.

All elected row officers and commissioners serve four-year terms. Common Pleas judges serve 10-year terms before running in a retention election. Magisterial district judges serve six-year terms. 


Jan. 6, 2020, swearing-in ceremony for Commissioners Doug Hoke, Julie Wheeler, Ron Smith and Treasurer Barb Bair.



Jan. 3, 2020, swearing-in ceremony for Commissioner Ron Smith, Sheriff Richard Keuerleber, Clerk of Courts Dan Byrnes, Register of Wills/Clerk of Orphans Court Bryan Tate and Prothonotary Allison Blew. 

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