Marketing Heritage Rail Trail County Park

The Heritage Rail Trail, one of York County's 11 county parks, is a local asset.

The Rail Trail runs 27 nearly-contiguous miles through 15 municipalities and into Maryland.

But beyond a gravel path next to a sleepy but live railway, what is this asset?

It is nothing short of a recreationalist's dream.

steam into history

Runners, walkers and cyclists can use the trail for their enjoyment and wellbeing. Nature watchers, horseback riders and photographers can find a slice of beauty alongside bucolic landscapes and towns that might as well be the subject of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Residents and tourists alike commonly breeze by one another, enjoying a scrumptious sandwich at the New Freedom Rail Trail Cafe or hopping a ride on one of Steam Into History's period train locomotives.

This trail was built by the York County Rail Trail Authority and has stretched from the Mason-Dixon Line all the way to John Rudy Park.

In an effort to help launch the York County brand, Have It Made Here, the county's public relations office leveraged a tourism promotion grant to show the Rail Trail in an enticing way that has never been seen before.

Lazzaro Creative, based in Railroad, produced the video below.

This video, which has smaller pieces geared to specific audiences, shows the Rail Trail in all its splendor. It is a place to play and experience nature. And it is so crucial to this community's recreation lifeblood.


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