York County apologizes for delays during municipal election

The York County Board of Commissioners extends its sincerest apologies to all of the voters across the county’s 159 polling locations who experienced delays or inconveniences when voting in the Nov. 5, 2019, municipal election.

York County is the local government that plans, organizes and executes elections, and the York County Commissioners believe the civic duty of voting to be a hallmark of the public trust instilled in county government by the citizens of this county.

One machine per polling place was simply not enough to move smoothly. The county also misjudged the time it would take to scan two ballot sheets per person. Ballots that were put in the machines’ emergency holding boxes were scanned at the polling places by the election officials. One polling place's such ballots were securely transported to the county's elections offices to be scanned. This was witnessed by committee members from the Republican and Democratic parties.

York County Commissioners, along with the York County Board of Elections, are already working to address this issue for the next election, which is the special election on Jan. 14 for the 48th State Senate seat. Following that is the Pennsylvania Presidential Primary on April 28.

The Commissioners appreciate York County citizens for participating in the municipal election and for exhibiting patience as the county unveiled its new voting system for the first time.

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