York County prepares new voting equipment

York County Commissioners approved the $1.58 million purchase of equipment from Dominion Voting Systems, Inc., of Denver, Colorado. This includes annual software and hardware licensing fees through 2028.

The county’s Elections and Voter Registration office is programming the equipment, with trainings forthcoming for judges of elections and poll workers.

>>See the list of dates and times for public informational sessions on how to vote with the paper ballots.<<

The equipment, photographed below, consists of 180 Imagecast Precinct scanners and 180 ADA-compliant Imagecast X ballot marking devices.

A paper ballot is printed after the voter marks their selections using the touchscreen. That ballot is then run through the scanner. This is only for voters who need the use of the ADA-compliant Imagecast X ballot marking devices. All voters will receive a pre-printed ballot that they will fill in a bubble to mark their choice of candidate then use the Imagecast Precinct scanner to tabulate their vote.

The county is also getting a high-speed scanner for the office for use with final count, rechecking all absentee ballots and recounts, if necessary.

The new equipment will be stationed at all 159 polling locations across York County.


ImageCast Precinct


ICX Prime BMD 30



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