York County Commissioners enter contract with IXP Corporation


The York County Commissioners voted 2‐1 on Wednesday, Sept. 18, at their regular business meeting to enter into a six‐month consulting services contract with IXP Corporation to assist the county and 911 staff to modify the processes, training and organization of the county’s 911 center.

York County will pay IXP a fixed cost of $750,000, which includes all expenses, for a six‐month period.

These costs will cover more than 2,500 hours of work over the six‐month period, with an option to further its consulting relationship based on performance metrics and goals as outlined in IXP’s proposal and the evaluation that concluded in June.

The county will form a committee to meet weekly with IXP. This committee will consist of the executive director of IT, the deputy county administrator and a commissioner. It will have the oversight, through the authority of the commissioners, to oversee daily operations of the 911 center and approve necessary modifications. The commissioners will approve broader measures and matters involving personnel. The county’s full leadership team, which includes the committee as well as Facilities Management, Public Relations, Controller and Solicitor, will meet monthly with IXP to evaluate performance and to review goals that have been achieved.

With the upcoming changes in training and QA/AI administration requirements being implemented by PEMA effective Jan. 1, 2020, it is important to undertake the necessary modifications now to processes so that the county is better equipped to manage the forthcoming changes.

IXP, based out of Princeton, New Jersey, was initially hired by the county in January to conduct an audit of the county’s 911 center that was completed in June. A report detailing the county’s 911 deficiencies provided the county with an overview of changes required to improve the center’s functionality. The 18‐page report provided a blueprint for the county.

A comprehensive review, with IXP investing significant hours per week at the county’s 911 center, will offer the county expert industry assistance to improve its training, management structure and system processes. IXP’s scheduled start date is Sept. 23. A copy of the county’s agreement with IXP is linked on the county’s website.

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