Rudy Park garden earns second place at international conference

The 2019 David Gibby Search for Excellence second place for Demonstration Gardens went to York County’s Penn State Master Gardener program for its garden aprtnership at John Rudy Park.

Master Gardener award

The award was presented at the International Master Gardeners Conference, which was held in Valley Forge between June 18 and 21. There were representatives from many states, three Canadian provinces and South Korea.

The county’s Master Gardeners applied for the award before the conference, submitting information about the gardens and the roles our partners – York County Juvenile Probation and York County Parks – played.

The Gardens at Rudy Park is a partnership among the Master Gardeners, York County Parks and the county’s Juvenile Probation. The garden yields about 6,000 pounds of food each year that’s donated to local food pantries.

Watch this video, produced by White Rose TV, to learn more about this county partnership.

York County’s Penn State Master Gardener program also was awarded second place for a research project on plants that attract pollinators. One of the beds at the Rudy Park gardens was part of that research project.

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