Plan, prepare, be aware

York County Office of Emergency Management is encouraging residents to plan and prepare for disasters before they happen. The Department of Homeland Security's preparedness month, in conjunction with FEMA and PEMA, is a great time to evaluate your preparedness and create a plan.

Flooding from an Aug. 31 storm, in the Facebook video, and current rains from hurricanes makes storm and flood preparedness timely in York County. 


ReadyPA and Readygov provide comprehensive information to help you and your family be equipped to best handle a disaster like flash flooding, a fire or a hurricane.

For the best alerts, the county recommends residents download FEMA's mobile app. This app sends up-to-the-minute National Weather Service alerts right to your smartphone or tablet. These notifications are critical as pending weather changes and storm alerts are extended, shortened or canceled.

South Central alerts is another great notification system that helps residents know when weather could wreak havoc. Sign up for those here.

As the county continues to help local emergency management coordinators and residents recover from last week's flooding, the Office of Emergency Management encourages people to exhibit patience, particularly with roadways.

As of Sept. 13, there were still about 40 closures or lane restrictions on roads in various townships. The county asks residents to be mindful of closure signage and never drive through a closure.

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