Report storm damage from around York County

Do you know of damage from the recent rain storms? York County Office of Emergency Management wants you to report it.

North Codorus

The office's individual damage-reporting tool, accessible through this google doc,gives residents a means to report damage to their home in the aftermath of any disaster. The information helps emergency managers and planners get a countywide damage picture within hours of a disaster event to help prioritize response efforts. After the disaster event occurs and it is safe to venture outside, survey the damage to your home.

NOTE: This tool is not a means of requesting help or emergency services, or applying for any type of financial assistance. If you need immediate assistance to protect life and/or property, call 911.

You only need to submit information once. If you need assistance completing this form, contact the York County Office of Emergency Management at 717-840-2990.

In no way does this form guarantee funding or assistance will be provided to you. County staff may contact you to ask questions or to follow up for more information. If an incident receives a Presidential disaster declaration, you may be asked to fill out required paperwork from assisting agencies, should you request assistance from them.

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