Smart911 Open House Scheduled For April 26 in Shrewsbury

Staff from the York County 911 Center is heading to Shrewsbury on Tuesday to explain the importance of signing up for Smart911, answer questions and to assist with the sign-up process.

Smart 911 is a new, life-saving program offered by the York County Department of Emergency Services to the community. It is meant to help improve the response residents receive in an emergency by allowing people to provide critical information to 911 dispatchers before an emergency arises.

Individuals can sign up independently by creating a free, secure online profile at The profile is tied to the user’s phone number and immediately becomes available to dispatchers when the user calls 911. It contains largely the same information as callers would give verbally to a 911 dispatcher, but is provided calmly before an emergency arises.

For those who would like more information or help with the process, 911 Center staff from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Tuesday will host an open house at Southern Community Services, 44 S. Main St. in Shrewsbury.

All members of the community are encouraged to attend. There is never any cost associated with the Smart911 program and reservations are not required.

The amount of information users provide in a Smart911 profile is entirely at a user’s discretion, but examples include:

  • Information about medical conditions that may be crucial to emergency medical staff.
  • Information on mobility problems or physical/developmental disabilities that can change the way responders handle a call.
    • For example, residents can advise if there is an individual in a residence who needs assistance to exit the property.
  • Emergency contacts, which ensures responders quickly can contact your family or friends in case of a vehicle accident or other emergency
  • Information about pets, which can lead to greater safety not only for the pet but also for response agencies.
  • Photos and descriptions of children, which can help law enforcement locate the child if he/she becomes missing or is abducted.

The information residents provide is stored securely and is not searchable through the Internet or even by 911 dispatchers. It is only available to the 911 Center dispatcher when you contact 911, and only for 45 minutes.

Signing up takes about 10 minutes by going to

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