911 Operations Return To Normal After Power Outage

The York County 911 Center on Tuesday implemented backup plans to continue providing service after a loss in power disrupted operations.

The power loss occurred at about 6:10 a.m. on Tuesday. It was caused by a faulty battery inside an Uninterruptable Power Supply.

As a result of the faulty battery, one of the uninterruptable power supplies (UPS system) failed during a regular test of the Center’s on-site power generators. UPS systems are used to provide "gap” electricity until the generators activate and can carry the full electrical load of the Center.

The failure of the UPS system cut power to several circuit breaker boxes within the Center.

The County was able to restore normal 911 operations at approximately 7:45 a.m. by using an emergency bypass switch to route power around the damaged uninterruptable power supply.

The bypass switch was installed in November 2014 as a precaution in case of a UPS failure like the one experienced Tuesday. Without it, the Center likely would have been without power for a longer period of time Tuesday.

During the power outage, the 911 Center implemented its backup plans and procedures to continue operations.

Dispatchers used backup radios on an alternate power source to continue radio communications with first responders.

Response agencies were advised to staff their stations and were dispatched via phone while the paging system was not operational.

The County managed 911 calls using its backup card system instead of its computer-aided dispatch system.

In some instances, individuals contacting the Center during the power outage may have experienced a dropped call. The Center in most, if not all, cases was able to return the call using a functioning telephone line.

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