Community Urged To Sign Up For Emergency Alerts

York County Commissioners Steve Chronister, Doug Hoke and Chris Reilly are encouraging all south-central Pennsylvania residents to sign up for the South Central Alert system to help ensure they’re notified of emergency incidents in their area.

The system has been used twice in the last week to alert the community regarding emergencies. In both cases, residents were advised to shelter-in-place due to risks associated with fires.

“This system is the easiest and fastest way for residents of the community to ensure they know about major incidents in their area,” said Commissioner Reilly. “It’s imperative everyone sign up. In an emergency situation, having information is vital to making proper decisions.”

South Central Alert is a tool used by emergency management agencies in eight south-central Pennsylvania counties, including York, that are members of the South Central Task Force.

The Task Force developed the Alert system to notify residents and businesses of emergency situations by cell phone, home and work phones, by text message and e-mail.

Phone numbers listed in the phone book are already included in the system. However, individuals must pro-actively register unlisted phone numbers, cell phone numbers and VoIP numbers to receive alerts through those means.

Even those with landlines in the phone book should add their cell phones and alternative contact information to the system. This ensures they’re notified if away from their home or business when an incident occurs.

Residents of any of the eight counties in south-central Pennsylvania residents can sign up by going here. 

The South Central Alert system is secure. Information provided by users is not shared with any third parties or used in any way for commercial marketing purposes.

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