Community Asked to Check on Friends, Family & Neighbors

The York County Commissioners, through the York County Office of Emergency Management and Area Agency on Aging, are asking residents to help ensure vulnerable friends, relatives and neighbors are properly protected from the cold.

With temperatures in the single digits, Area Agency on Aging staff today will be contacting seniors who receive services from the department to ensure they have adequate heat, food and medications.

“But that only accounts for a portion of the seniors and other vulnerable populations, such as the disabled and young children, that are at increased risk in such cold temperatures,” said Commissioner Doug Hoke. “If you know someone who might need some help, please make a quick phone call or visit to ensure they’re OK.”

The Commissioners offer the following tips to combat the cold:

  • Stay inside when possible. If you need to go outside, wear layers of lightweight clothing along with gloves and a hat.
  • Never use a stove or oven to heat your home. Keep all flammable objects at least three feet from space heaters, fireplaces and other heat sources.
  • Never use a generator indoors, including the basement or garage.
  • Run water at a trickle to help prevent pipes from freezing. Open cabinet doors to provide warm air around the plumbing, but make sure to remove harmful cleaners/chemicals so they aren’t accessible by children.
  • Limit exposure to the cold by children, especially infants.
  • Ensure you have an emergency kit in your vehicle consistent with the guidelines set forth by the federal government.

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