Record Amount Of Food For The Hungry

The amount of food distributed to local pantries and soup kitchens through the County’s primary food distribution program has more than doubled over the last few years.

The total amount of food distributed in 2013-2014 through the County-managed State Food Purchase Program Fruit1increased by 440 tons compared to 2010-2011. It’s up 57 tons compared to 2012-2013.

A total of 14,382 households received food through the program in 2013-2014, up from 13,878 in 2012-2013, according to a report approved today by the York County Board of Commissioners.

In total, there were more than 68,000 visits to local agencies for food distributed through the program in 2013-2014.
“In tough economic times, we’re delivering more meals than ever to our community’s hungry families,” said York County President Commissioner Steve Chronister. “It is part of our continuing commitment to provide the best possible services at the lowest price.”

The growth comes after the County several years ago switched partners for the program to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. The switch followed a rigorous program review and an open bidding process.

“Today there are more than twice as many meals available for local families than there were just a few years ago through this program,” said Commissioner Doug Hoke. “We’re doing our best to make sure no families in York County go hungry.“

Besides an increase in food delivered through the program, local pantries and the community are also experiencing a variety of other benefits due to the county’s partnership with the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank for the SFPP program.

In 2013-2014:

  • The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank (CPFB) provided $6,543 for product handling equipment to York County agencies from CPFB’s Endowment Fund.
  • The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank also provided a $50,000 grant from the Endowment Fund to support New Hope Ministries in support of New Hope’s Hanover Hub Project.
  • CPFB provided $10,500 in Agency Assistance Grants, targeted to shelter-type agencies that were overwhelmed with individuals in need during the brutal winter.
  • CPFB allocated $47,133 in grants from corporate and foundation donors directly to York County Agencies’ accounts at CPFB. The funding extended the agencies’ purchasing power.

“We are extremely proud of our joint efforts in 2013-2014 with York County and our 31 State Food program agencies to maximize the distribution of nutritious food to hungry families in York County,” said Joe Arthur, executive director of the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. “Our Food Bank began offering refrigerated milk during 2014, which leverages the infrastructure of our very successful fresh produce program to bring more health dairy products to people in need in York County.”


Year  Pounds Distributed Allocation
2013-2014                1,671,183   $497,915
2012-2013                 1,558,120   $423,473
2011-2012                 1,090,705   $431,458
2010-2011                   791,125   $436,500
2009-2010                    801,786   $443,494

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