Visitation Resumes At Pleasant Acres Nursing Home

Visitation will resume at noon on Wednesday, Aug. 6 within Pleasant Acres Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

Resident movement was restricted and visitation temporarily halted on Tuesday, July 29 as a precautionary measure after bed bugs were found within two resident rooms. Nursing home staff believe visitors transported the bugs into the facility within clothing brought for a resident.

The nursing home responded to the presence of the bugs with a multi-faceted approach meant to prevent the spread of the bugs throughout the facility. Measures included:

  • Bagging and washing/drying resident clothing/linens to kill any bugs that might be present.
  • Heat-treating wheelchairs to kill any bugs that might be present
  • Bringing in a pest-control company to assist with a building-wide assessment and treatment, as necessary.
  • The temporary halt of visitation to the facility, coupled with restricted movement by residents (who were required to stay on their home floors). These efforts were instituted to reduce the chance of cross-contamination.

No additional bedbugs were located beyond those originally found, prompting the return to normal visitation and resident movement on Wednesday. No residents at any point showed symptoms of bed bug bites.

“We’re pleased to return to normal operations and thank our residents and their families for their patience as we went through this process,” said Marlin Peck, administrator of the nursing home. “As our residents and their families know, we take great pride in the cleanliness and quality of care at Pleasant Acres. We regret the challenges caused by the restrictions, but felt these steps were necessary as part of a comprehensive response to this challenge.”

Following an initial discovery of bedbugs on July 20, the affected resident’s room, an adjacent room and a visitor lounge used by the resident’s visitors were each vacated, isolated and treated by a pest control company. Additional bugs were subsequently found in the second room on Tuesday, July 29, prompting restrictions pending a building-wide evaluation.

Bed bugs are not known to spread disease, according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, and have been found in luxury hotels and resorts. Their presence is not a reflection of the cleanliness of conditions where they are found.

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