County RX Program Saves $6.2 million

The amount of money saved by users of York County’s free discount prescription drug card has topped $6 million, the York County Commissioners announced today.

The Commissioners in May 2009 approved participating in the prescription drug card program, called Coast2Coast Rx. Managed by Florida-based Financial Marketing Concepts, the card offers users the opportunity to save up to 75 percent on prescription drugs.

Through the end of August, 10,090 people had filled 167,538 prescriptions using the card since program inception, the Commissioners announced. Users saved $6,210,262, or an average of about 59 percent, off normal retail price.

Total program-to-date savings increased by $2.3 million, or 61 percent, compared to the same point last year.

“We’re pleased to see that word of this program and its benefits continue to spread throughout the community,” said County Commissioner Chris Reilly. “We encourage the entire community, and particularly those who have no insurance or are under-insured, to take advantage of this program.”

All county residents, regardless of income, age or health status can participate in the program.

The program is primarily intended for use by people without health insurance, but is also applicable in a variety of other circumstances. For example, it can be used by people with prescription drugs that aren’t covered by health insurance.

It can also be used by Medicare Part D participants without supplemental insurance during the “donut hole” gap in coverage, and for pet medications.

Participation in the program is simple. There is no cost, registration or paperwork required.

People simply need to pick up one of the Coast2Coast Rx cards, which are available at certain county offices, library locations and many chain and independent pharmacies.

More than 59,000 pharmacies, including major chains and independent pharmacies, accept the card nationwide, according to Coast2CoastRX.

Not only does the program benefit card users, it also helps taxpayers because the County receives a royalty for its participation in the program. The County so far this year has received $29,212 to help offset the cost of county operations.

For more information, or to print a card, people can visit 

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