Voter Registration Deadline Rapidly Approaching

The York County Commissioners and Office of Elections and Voter Registration are encouraging residents to register to vote in advance of the approaching municipal election.

Oct. 7 is the last day to register.

“Make sure your voice is heard Nov. 5,” said Commissioner Doug Hoke. “Although presidential elections tend to attract the most attention, municipal elections tend to have the most impact on our day-to-day lives.”

Offices up for election in November include state and county judgeships, numerous township and borough offices and school board seats. A full list is available here.

There are currently about 268,500 individuals registered to vote in York County, according to Pennsylvania Department of State figures. Meanwhile, there are up to about 330,000 individuals of legal voting age, based on U.S. Census Bureau population estimates.

Elections Director Nikki Suchanic said people interested in registering to vote can find the applicable forms and learn about the process in the Voting & Elections section of the county’s website here.

“Every vote counts, especially in municipal elections,” said Commissioner Chris Reilly. “Help shape our community by registering to vote and casting a ballot.”

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