New Substance Abuse Treatment Assessment Center

The York/Adams Drug & Alcohol Commission on Monday will open a new assessment center for individuals seeking substance abuse treatment.

The new White Deer Run York Assessment Center will be housed within the Commission’s existing office space at the York County Human Services Center, 100 W. Market St. in York City. It will be targeted toward individuals who live in the greater York City area, though it will be available to anyone in York County seeking a drug and alcohol assessment.

Pennsylvania residents seeking treatment typically undergo an assessment, which evaluates eligibility and identifies treatment options. Until now, clients in York County could only get such assessments by going to individual treatment providers.

“The goal of this new center is to improve the efficiency, consistency and convenience of the assessment process,” said Shawn Anne McNichol, Commission administrator. “We want to make it as easy as possible for individuals with substance abuse problems to seek help.”

The assessments are free of charge except for individuals with DUI charges who are ordered by a judge to undergo such evaluations. In York and Adams counties, there were 2,469 assessments completed in 2010-2011 by Drug & Alcohol Commission providers.

McNichol said the new assessment center will allow providers to focus more on what they do best – providing treatment – instead of assessing clients. The providers are still permitted to provide the assessment if they believe it is appropriate for a specific client.

Treatment providers outside the greater York City area will continue to be the primary source of assessments for clients within their geographic areas. However, the bulk of such assessments in York County are now expected to be completed at the assessment center.

The center will be supported by redirecting state funds that were previously paid to providers to conduct the assessments. It will be operated under contract by White Deer Run, Inc.

Individuals seeking treatment can call the Assessment Center at (717) 771-2497. It will be open weekdays from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Individuals in crisis should call 1(866) 769-6822.

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