Energy Efficiency Projects To Save $17.2M

You can’t save money by turning off the heat inside the York County Prison, but you can generate it more efficiently.

That approach is part of York County’s broader initiative to save taxpayer money and reduce its environmental footprint through improved energy efficiency.

The County of York owns more than two dozen buildings throughout our community ranging from relatively small district court offices to the large York County Judicial Center, Human Services Center, Administrative Center, Prison & Nursing Home.

Needless to say, it is expensive to heat, cool and light all that space.

Recognizing the impact on taxpayers, the County in 2010 began a four-phase project meant to improve the energy efficiency of County facilities.
Taxpayers so far have saved more than $2 million through a series of upgrades that have included the widespread introduction of more efficient lighting and the strategic replacement of heating, ventilation and cooling equipment.

The savings won’t stop there. Taxpayers over 20 years are expected to save at least $17.2 million as a result of the projects.

The County is also taking advantage of historically low energy prices by locking-in its cost for future years.

For example, the County has locked in electricity rates through 2019 and natural gas rates through 2020. As a result, the cost to purchase a kilowatt hour of electricity in 2019 will be 16 percent lower than it was 2011.

Meanwhile, the County in 2020 will be paying 66 percent less for a dekatherm of natural gas than it did in 2009.

It is all part of the County’s focus on delivering the most effective and efficient services possible to our community.