Bureau of Weights & Measures

Director: James S. Crager

Phone: (717) 840-7664

Address: 2401 Pleasant Valley Road, York, PA 17402

The First Enactment by the Congress of the United States was that of a Weights and Measures Law signed by President John Adams, on March 2, 1799. This law cited the necessity for standard weights and measures enforcement as a public service.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has recognized the Importance of Standard Weights and Measures enforcement by establishing its own Bureau of Standard Weights and Measures in the Department of Internal Affairs in 1911. The County Commissioners, shortly after receiving the Pennsylvania Short Weights Act, established the Bureau of Weights and Measurers in York County.

The Bureau of Weights and Measurers in York County continues to conduct examinations of commercially used small capacity scales, retail motor fuel pumps and dispensers, linear measuring devices, point of sale systems, timing devices, etc.

The York County Bureau handles all complaints of all devices. We insure their accuracy and that they are correct, we strive to insure compliance with the Bureau of Weights and Measures Laws and Regulations, as well as National Institute of Standard and Technology Handbook 44 & 130. The Bureau of Weights and Measures in York County will continue to perform its duties to insure “Fair Play” in all commercial transactions for the protection of all citizens of the County of York, whether they are buyers or sellers.