Volunteer Emergency Services Tax Refund Program

The York County Board of Commissioners is dedicated to promoting public safety for the citizens of York County, which includes taking steps to ensure the long-term health of the County’s fire companies and non-profit emergency medical services agencies. Volunteers make up a sizeable portion of the County’s emergency service organizations and the Board of Commissioners wishes to honor and encourage their selfless service to our community.

To that end, today the Board of Commissioners of York County approved a property tax refund program for members of fire companies and non-profit emergency medical service providers. This program is designed to provide property tax relief to those individuals who maintain active volunteer service and those who are unable to do so due to injury incurred in the line of duty.

Please review details of the program below and follow this link to the application





The following words and phrases when used in this ordinance shall have the meanings given to them in this section unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

“Agency Supervisor” The Chief of Fire Departments (or designee), or the supervisor of the nonprofit emergency medical service agency listed in attachment 1. 

“County” York County.

“Eligible Agency” A fire company or nonprofit emergency medical service agency identified in attachment 1.

“Emergency Responder” A volunteer who responds to an emergency call with one of the entities identified in Section 2(D).

“Emergency Response Call” Any emergency call to which a volunteer responds, including travel directly from and to a volunteer’s home, place of business or other place where he/she shall have been when the call was received. 

“Social /Supporting Member” A volunteer who is social member with one of the entities identified in Section 2(D).

“Qualified Real Property” A residential real property owned and occupied as the primary domicile of an active volunteer. 

“Volunteer” A member of a fire company or nonprofit emergency medical service agency identified in Section 2(D) who has complied with, and is certified under, the Volunteer Service Tax Refund Program. The volunteer can either be an emergency responder and / or a social member. 



  1. Establishment. The York County Board of Commissioners hereby establishes a Volunteer Service Tax Refund Program. The goal of the program is to encourage membership and service in York County’s fire companies and nonprofit emergency medical service agencies. 
  1. Establishment of Criteria. The York County Board of Commissioners hereby establishes, and may from time to time establish by resolution, the annual criteria that must be met to qualify for tax refund under the Volunteer Service Tax Refund Program. Unless or until changed by Resolution, the criteria will remain unchanged from year to year. 
  1. Initial Criteria. To qualify for tax refund under the Volunteer Service Tax Refund Program, an individual must have been a member of an Eligible Agency for one full year as of the date of the application, and the individual must earn a minimum of 50-100 points from a combination of the following categories: 
  1. Emergency Responses (Fire or Ambulance Call)
    1. 1 Point per emergency response
  2. Training
    1. Department Training – 5 Points per training
    2. Certified Training – 5 Points per 8 hours
    3. Hazardous Materials Refresher – 5 Points
    4. Annual Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus – 2 Points
    5. Annual Driver Recertification – 4 Points
  3. Meetings
    1. Fire Department Meetings – 4 Points per meeting
    2. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Meetings – 4 Points per meeting
    3. Committee Meetings – 2 Points per meeting
    4. Board of Officers/Relief/Officer’s Meetings – 2 Points per meeting
    5. Relief Meeting – 2 Points per meeting
  4. Work Details
    1. Scheduled Work Details – 5 Points per detail
  5. Fire Prevention/Public Education Activities
    1. Fire Prevention Activities – 5 Points per event
    2. Public Education Events (Parades, Carnivals, etc.) – 3 Points per event
  1. Eligible Entities. The Volunteer Service Tax Refund Program is available to residents of York County who are volunteers of an Eligible Agency and otherwise meet the requirements of the program described herein.
  1. Eligibility Period. To qualify for a tax refund under the Volunteer Service Tax Refund Program, a volunteer must meet the minimum criteria established in this Resolution and any subsequent amendments, during the eligibility period running from January 1 until December 31 of each calendar year.
  1. Record Keeping. The Agency Supervisor shall keep specific records of each volunteer’s activities in a service log to establish credits under the Volunteer Service Tax Refund Program. The Agency Supervisor annually shall transmit to the Chief Financial Officer of York County an eligibility list of all volunteers that have met the minimum criteria for the Volunteer Service Tax Refund Program. The notarized eligibility list shall be transmitted to the Chief Financial Officer no later than March 30th of each year, showing the names of those members who met the eligibility criteria during the preceding Eligibility Period. The Agency Supervisor may post the eligibility list in an accessible area of the volunteer agency’s facilities.
  1. Injured VolunteersAn emergency responder who is injured during an emergency response call may be eligible for future tax refunds and may appear on the eligibility list provided by the Agency Supervisor. The injury must have occurred while responding to, participating in, or returning from an emergency response call with an Eligible Agency.

    If an individual’s name appears on an eligibility list, the eligibility list shall indicate explicitly that the individual’s eligibility is as an injured volunteer and shall be accompanied by satisfactory documentation from a licensed physician stating that the individual’s injury prevents him or her from performing duties to qualify as an active volunteer. In such a case, the injured emergency responder shall be deemed an active volunteer for that Eligibility Period

    An injured emergency responder shall annually submit updated documentation from a licensed physician stating that the injury still exists and prevents the individual from qualifying as an active volunteer and upon submitting such documentation again shall be deemed an active volunteer for that Eligibility Period. An injured emergency responder shall only be deemed an active volunteer for a maximum of three consecutive Eligibility Periods. 



  1. Tax Refund. Each volunteer whose name appears on the eligibility list and who complies with the requirements of this County Volunteer Service Refund Program shall be eligible to receive a tax refund, in an amount described herein, on qualified real estate taxes paid to the county.
  1. Amount and Limit. The credit provided by this Resolution shall be based on the number of points the active volunteer earned not to exceed 50% of the qualified county real estate tax.
    1. Qualified Real Property Tax Refund for Emergency Responders
      1. To receive a 50% tax rebate, 100 Points must be achieved.
      2. To receive a 25% tax rebate, 50 points must be achieved.
    2. Qualified Real Property Tax Refund for Social / Supporting Member
      1. To receive a 25% tax rebate, 50 points must be achieved.



  1. Application. A volunteer who has met the minimum criteria of the Volunteer Service Tax Refund Program may apply for the tax refund provided herein by submitting to the Agency Supervisor a completed application for the Volunteer Service Tax Refund Program, using a form provided by the County. The Agency Supervisor must submit the volunteer’s application to the Chief Financial Officer of York County by March 30th of each year. Applications shall not be accepted by the County after such date. The following must be submitted by the active volunteer along with the completed application: 
    1. If the volunteer is seeking any credit against the real property tax on qualified real property, a true and correct receipt from the County real estate tax collector showing the paid County real property taxes for the tax year in which the application is being filed.
    2. Photo identification
    3. Documentation that the tax paid was for qualified real property as defined in this Resolution.
    4. If deemed acceptable in the discretion of the Agency Supervisor, any other documentation that in lieu of the above items may reasonably confirm the active volunteer’s eligibility for the credit.
  1. Application Review. Agency Supervisor shall review the completed applications for credit under the Volunteer Service Tax Refund Program and shall cross reference them with the eligibility list. If an applicant appears on the eligibility list and provides all documents required under this section, the Agency Supervisor shall approve the Real Estate Tax Refund Application and submit it to the Chief Financial Officer no later than March 30th of each year.
  1. Rejection of Application. The Agency Supervisor shall reject an application for a real estate tax refund if the taxpayer is not on the official eligibility list or does not provide the documents required by this Section. If the Agency Supervisor rejects the application, the taxpayer shall be notified in writing of the decision. The notice shall include the reasons for the rejection and provide the method of appealing the decision pursuant to Section 5. Taxpayers shall have 30 days to appeal the decision of the Agency Supervisor to York County as set forth in this Resolution.
  1. Real Estate Refund Application. The Chief Financial Officer shall approve the Real Estate Tax Refund Application(s) for all volunteers who are eligible to receive the refund and forward the request to the York County Treasurer.
  1. Payment of Credit. Once the Chief Financial Officer approves the annual Tax Refund Request, the York County Treasurer will be notified. The York County Treasurer shall issue the tax refund to the volunteer, no later than May 30th. 



  1. Appeal Rights Generally. Any taxpayer aggrieved by a decision under Section 3 shall have a right to appeal said decision, by filing an appeal within thirty (30) days of the rejection of an application.
  1. Method of Appeal. All appeals of decisions based on real estate tax shall follow the provisions of the Act of May 5, 1998, P.L.301, No. 50, known as the Local Taxpayers Bill of Rights. All appeals relating to real property tax shall follow the provisions of 2 Pa.C.S. Chapter 5, Subchapter B (relating to practice and procedure of local agencies), and 2 Pa.C.S. Chapter 7, Subchapter B (relating to judicial review of local agency action), also known as the “Local Agency Law.”



If any provision, section, sentence, clause, or part of this Resolution is held to be invalid, such invalidity shall not affect or impair any remaining provision, section, sentence, clause, or part of the ordinance, it being the intent of the Municipality that such remainder shall be and shall remain in full force and effect for this purpose the provisions of this Resolution are hereby declared to be severable.



The York County Government Controllers Office may audit program documentation on an annual basis.



This ordinance shall be effective upon adoption for Eligibility Periods starting January 1, 2023, for county real estate tax starting January 1, 2023.

RESOLVED AND ADOPTED at a duly advertised public meeting of the York County Board of Commissioners on this           day of            _, 2022.

Agency NameAddressMunicipality

West York Fire Dept.

1341 W Market St. York, PA 17404

West York Boro

Friendship Hose Fire Company #1

PO Box 64, 73 S Main St. Spring Grove, PA 17362

Spring Grove Boro

Union Fire and Hose Company # 1

30 E Canal St. Dover, PA 17315

Dover Boro

Community Fire Company # 1

PO Box 92, 65 E George St. York New Salem, PA 17371

York New Salem Boro

Dover Twp. Volunteer Fire Co.

3700-1 Davisdburg Rd. Dover, PA 17315

Dover Twp

Nashville Volunteer Fire Company #1

116 Nashville Blvd. Spring Grove, PA 17362

Jackson Twp

North Codorus Twp. Fire Dept.

4012 Salem Rd. Spring Grove, PA 17362

North Codorus Twp

Southern Area Fire and Rescue

50 S School Pl. Dallastown, PA 17313

Dallastown Boro

Northern York Fire, Rescue, EMS

PO Box 425, 109 S Baltimore St. Dillsburg, PA 17013

Dillsburg Boro

Goodwill Fire Company #1

1 S Maint St. Jacoubus, PA 17407

Jacobus Boro

Goodwill Fire Company #1 of York Twp.

2318 S Queen St. York, PA 17402

York Twp

Friendship Fire Company of Hellam

163 E Market St. Hellam, PA 17406

Hallam Boro

Eagle Fire Company #1

PO Box 863, 54 Center St. Mount Wolf, PA 17437

Mount Wolf Boro

Union Fire Company No. 1

201 York St. Manchester, PA 17345

Manchester Boro

Strinestown Community Fire Company

5690 Susquehanna Trl N. Manchester, PA 17345

Conewago Twp

Susquehanna Fire Company #1

PO Box 81, 100 S Front St. York Haven, PA 17370

York Haven Boro

Goldsboro Fire Company #1

PO Box 236, 11 First Ave. Etters, PA 17319

Goldsboro Boro

Newberrytown Fire Company

2145 York Haven Rd. Etters, PA 17319

Newberry Twp

Laurel Fire Company No. 1

PO Box 226, 94 School House Ln. Windsor, PA 17366

Windsor Boro

Laurel Fire Company No. 1

PO Box 226, 94 School House Ln. Windsor, PA 17366

Windsor Boro

Community Volunteer Fire Co. # 1 of Yorkana

5410 Mt Pisgah Rd. York, PA 17406

Yorkana Boro

New Bridgeville Memorial Fire Company

2870 Furnace Rd. Red Lion, PA 17356

Chanceford Twp

Wrightsville Steam Engine & Hose Co. #1

PO Box 148, 125 S 2nd St. Wrightsville, PA 17368

Wrightsville Boro

East Prospect Fire Company

PO Box 92 , 11 W Ridge Ave. East Prospect, PA 17317

East Prospect Boro

Craley Community Fire Company

PO Box 203, 73 New Bridgeville Rd. Craley, PA 17312

Lower Windsor Twp

North Hopewell-Winterstown Volunteer Fire Co.

12246 Winterstown Rd. Felton, PA 17322

Winterstown Boro

Jefferson Volunteer Fire Company

PO Box 3, 31 Berlin St. Codorus, PA 17311

Jefferson Boro

West Manchester Twp Fire Dept. (Chief50)


West Manchester Twp

Pleasant Hill Volunteer Fire Company

3003 Baltimore Pike Hanover, PA 17331

West Manheim Twp

Porters Community Fire Company

1199 Porters Rd. Spring Grove, PA 17362

Heidelberg Twp

Eureka Volunteer Fire Department

PO Box 457, 82 N Main St. Stewartstown, PA 17363

Stewartstown Boro

Airville Volunteer Fire Company
3576 Delta Rd, York PA 17302

Citizen's Volunteer Fire Company

PO Box 6, 171 S Market St. Fawn Grove, PA 17321

Fawn Grove Boro

Delta-Cardiff Company # 1

PO Box 15, 500 Main St. Delta, PA 17314

Delta Boro

Rose Fire Company # 1

200 E Main St. New Freedom, PA 17349

New Freedom Boro

Glen Rock Hose and Ladder Fire Co.

PO Box 95, 15-17 Hanover St. Glen Rock, PA 17327

Glen Rock Boro

Lake Clarke Rescue

1838 Long Level Rd. Wrightsville, PA 17368

Lower Windsor Twp

Shrewsbury Volunteer Fire Company

21 W Forrest Ave. Shrewsbury, PA 17361

Shrewsbury Boro

Community Fire Company of Seven Valleys

PO Box 95, 35 Main St. Seven Valleys, PA 17360

Seven Valleys Boro

Loganville Fire Company

PO Box 141, 16 Mill St. Loganville, PA 17342

Loganville Boro

Wellsville Fire Co.

95 Community St. Wellsville, PA 17365

Wellsville Boro

Monaghan Twp Volunteer Fire Company

245 W Siddonsburg Rd. Dillsburg, PA 17019

Monaghan Twp

Fairview Twp Fire Dept. #1

340 Lewisberry Rd. New Cumberland, PA 17070

Fairview Twp

Alliance Fire and Rescue Services



Hanover Area Fire & Rescue (Fire Chief's Office)

228 High St. Hanover, PA 17331

Hanover Boro

Hanover Area Fire & Rescue (EMS)

228 High St. Hanover, PA 17331

Hanover Boro

York Area United Fire & Rescue (HQ)

50 Commons Dr. 2nd Flr York, PA 17402

Springettsbury Twp

York County Hazmat Team

120 Davies Dr. York, PA 17402

Springettsbury Twp

York County Advanced Technical Rescue (ATR) Team

PO Box 182 Dallastown, PA 17313

Yoe Boro

York City Fire Dept.

43 S. Duke St. York, PA 17401

York City

Paradise Twp Emergency Services

82 Beaver Creek Rd. Abbottstown, PA 17301

Paradise Twp

Southern York County EMS

33 Muddy Creek Forks Rd, Brogue, Pa 17309

Chanceford Township

South Central PA Search and Rescue - Search 93

PO Box 144 Wrightsville, PA 17368

Wrightsville Boro