What if my child still needs services after age 3?

Early Intervention serves children until the age of 3 and can accept referrals up to 60 days before a child's third birthday.

If your child receives ongoing services, you, your service coordinator, and your child's therapists will meet periodically to discuss your child's progress and, as it gets closer to your child's third birthday, if your child may still need services after age 3.  If that is the case, your service coordinator will help transition your child to the next program.

Programs that children might transition to at age 3 may include the following:

  • One of the local intermediate units: 
    • The Capital Area Intermediate Unit covers Northern and West Shore School Districts.
    • The Lincoln Intermediate Unit covers the rest of the school districts in York and Adams Counties.
  • Other York / Adams MH-IDD programs, such as:
    • The Intellectual Disabilities Program (the Autism Unit is part of the program)
    • The Mental Health Program
  • Other community agencies or programs

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