Must I apply every year?

No. A new application process started in 2020 which requires a complete application every 2 years to be submitted. The next deadline for new applications is February 15, 2024. The County Board and staff will review completed applications every 24 months. Following the review of complete applications, qualifying applications, will be ranked with scores and ranking position posted in the Office and results mailed to each qualifying landowner. Results will be posted to the webpage as well. Note the County Board will appraise from the ranked list of farm applications for a 24 month period. February 15, 2024 Applications are available.

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1. What is an agricultural conservation easement?
2. How would purchasing agricultural conservation easements preserve agriculture?
3. Who determines the value of agricultural easements?
4. How long are the agricultural conservation easements for?
5. Can a farmer buy back the conservation easement?
6. What are the farmer's right's after selling the conservation easement?
7. What land is eligible for conservation easement sale?
8. Do I have to maintain a soil/water conservation plan on the farm?
9. How is farmland preservation in pennsylvania funded?
10. Who will ensure that the deed restrictions are maintained?
11. Must I apply every year?
12. Do I pay taxes on easement funds?