What do I bring to the courthouse to file?

For most filings, you will need the full, legal names of the people you are filing against; the complete mailing and/or physical addresses of everyone involved in the case; a valid ID in case a form must be notarized; and the ability to pay a filing fee either in cash, by credit card, or by money order.

If you plan on asking for filing fees to be waived, you must have physical copies of proof of all forms of household income, including pay stubs, benefits statements, and any existing orders for child/spousal support for all members of your household.

If you are filing an appeal of a case at the Magistrate (such as an eviction), you must have all pages of the transcript in order to file. Similarly, if you are appealing a suspension of a driver's license/vehicle registration, you need all pages of the Notice of Suspension from the PA Department of Transportation (PennDOT).

If E-Filing, you will need to know your email address and password to log in on our public computer, and have a credit/debit card to pay filing fees.

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