What if I can’t afford an Attorney?

You may be able to find assistance for legal aid or find a low-cost consultation with an attorney:

Mid Penn Legal Services
29 N Queen Street
York, PA 17401
Phone: 717-848-3605

Attorney Connection/Modest Means
Phone: 717-854-8755

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1. What can and can’t the CSHC staff do?
2. What if I can’t afford an Attorney?
3. If I choose to proceed without an attorney, where can I get forms?
4. How do I know where to file/the cost of filing?
5. How do I find out what some of the words in the forms mean?
6. What do I bring to the courthouse to file?
7. How do I E-file documents with the Prothonotary?
8. How do I get a Protection Order?
9. How do I know if I should file for Custody or Guardianship?
10. Where can I watch the Custody Supervision Video?