What can and can’t the CSHC staff do?

CSHC Staff are not Lawyers and are limited in how much help they can provide

CSHC can: Explain basic process for some civil cases, print copies, search existing cases filed with the Prothonotary's Office, provide forms and packets to visitors for a fee, and provide free access to legal research tools

CSHC cannot: Give legal advice, do legal research on your behalf, recommend specific law offices, interpret court orders, write/scribe/translate forms, create custom paperwork, assist with non-Prothonotary forms, file/serve/mail forms for you, contact the Judge/hearing officer in your case, advise you whether a process is appropriate

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1. What can and can’t the CSHC staff do?
2. What if I can’t afford an Attorney?
3. If I choose to proceed without an attorney, where can I get forms?
4. How do I know where to file/the cost of filing?
5. How do I find out what some of the words in the forms mean?
6. What do I bring to the courthouse to file?
7. How do I E-file documents with the Prothonotary?
8. How do I get a Protection Order?
9. How do I know if I should file for Custody or Guardianship?
10. Where can I watch the Custody Supervision Video?