Who updates the ECRIN resident information?

Updates are the responsibility of each municipality. How information is updated (phone calls to participating residents, advertisements in newsletters or at community events, mailings) is also up to the individual municipalities.

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1. What is the 'GIS Agreement'? Where can I find that document?
2. What should I do after I've collected paper copies of the Resident Sign-Up Form?
3. Where do I get the Excel form?
4. Will County staff enter my resident information into the required Excel spreadsheet for me?
5. The first block of the required Excel spreadsheet asks for an ID Municipal Number -- how do I fill that in?
6. In the Township/City/Borough field on the required Excel spreadsheet, do I put the municipality name or the mailing address?
7. How many resident sign-up sheets should I collect before having maps created?
8. Who updates the ECRIN resident information?
9. How often should information be updated?
10. How do I get a map created?
11. How do I get help with the Special Needs Registry?
12. How do municipalities get residents to sign up? How do they advertise the program?