Why did you close my bridge?

York County closes bridges only as a last resort when the condition of the bridge poses a clear and present threat to the safety of the traveling public. While some bridges are closed for short periods of time for quick repairs, others may be closed for a long duration while funding is secured for its repair or replacement. Repair or replacement of any bridge must be considered in the context of competing priorities of other bridge projects and the limited financial resources available to the County.

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1. Why are the bridges in poor condition? Don't you maintain them?
2. I never use these bridges, so why should I have to pay the $5 vehicle registration fee?
3. Why does it take so long when replacing or repairing a bridge?
4. The bridge I travel over looks fine. Why are you repairing/replacing it?
5. Why did you close my bridge?
6. Who makes sure the bridges in PA are safe?