Family Engagement Unit

Family Engagement meetings are a free, voluntary process bringing family, natural supports, and professionals together. This process creates partnerships that place family at the center of the decision-making process and provides connection to community-based resources and supports to help individuals and families reach their goals.

The Family Engagement Unit recognizes participants’ commitment to change and the importance of building stronger families and a healthier community for all.


Family engagement meetings assist participants to develop a plan that will address individual and family needs. These needs sometimes include:

Planning for success may include discussion about:

  • Building & maintaining healthy, nurturing relationships
  • Parenting, co-parenting, & caregiving
  • Emotional support & self-care
  • Mental health & wellness
  • Time management & non-violent problem-solving skills
  • Achieving unmet graduation or employment goals
  • Planning for & managing setbacks
  • Special needs and accommodations (childcare, transportation, language barriers, physical or intellectual disabilities, other identified needs)
  • Budgeting finances, planning for long-term life goals
  • Deepening connection to the community through activities, events, & giving back to others