Become a Poll Worker

York County hires approximately 1,000 poll workers each election.  The office's poll workers are the reason York County is able to run elections!  The office is grateful for everyone who serves as a poll worker, whether they've worked one election or 50.  The office is always looking for new poll workers.  Please see the information below for qualifications and how to sign up.

Serve as a Poll Worker

Poll Worker Qualifications

  • Must be registered to vote in York County.
    • 17-year-old and older high school students are eligible to work with permission from their parent/guardian and high school principal.  See below for more information on our Student Poll Worker Program.
  • Government officials and government employees are not eligible to work the polls.
    • No person shall be qualified to serve as an election officer who shall hold, or shall within two months have held any office, appointment, or employment in or under the government of the United States or Pennsylvania, or of any city or county, or of any municipal board, commission, or trust in any city.
    • Exceptions for district judges, notaries public, and members of the PA National Guard or in a reserve component of the armed forces of the United States and the elected positions of tax collector, auditor, school board member, and Democrat/Republican committee person.
  • Generally, people are not allowed to serve if their name appears on the ballot.
    • Exceptions for poll workers on the ballot as a Judge of Elections or Inspector of Elections.
    • Constables are not considered to be poll workers/members of the local election board and are able to serve in their elected capacity on Election Day.

Sign-up to be a Poll Worker

If you meet the qualifications above, please call 717-771-9604 to sign up for working the polls. 

Spanish Interpreters:

York County Elections is always in need of Spanish interpreters throughout the county. If you speak Spanish and would like to work the polls on Election Day, please submit a poll worker application!

Sign up To Become a Poll Worker

Happy 2023.  Make a resolution to help America vote.  Sign up to be a poll worker.

Student Poll Worker Program

17-year old and older high school students are encouraged to work the polls on Election Day. Students will serve as either a clerk or machine operator and will cover a half-day shift. Students must receive permission from their parent or guardian and high school principal. Please download the permission form and submit it to our office.
Student Poll Worker Permission Form (PDF)

Your Local Election Board

Just as York County is a diverse community, so too are each of the election districts that comprise the county.  Some election districts require only three poll workers, while others require as many as 12 or more.  When staffing your polling place, the office generally recommends two people per poll book (Majority and Minority Inspectors and Clerks) and one person per voting machine (Machine Inspector) in addition to the Judge of Elections.  

Poll Workers Performing the Election Officers Oath

  1. Judge of Elections
  2. Majority/Minority Inspector
  3. Clerk
  4. Machine Inspector

Judge of Elections

  • This is an elected position that runs every four years.  The position is up for election the year after presidential elections.  If a Judge cannot fulfill their term or must step out for one election, they must appoint a replacement with approval from the Board of Elections.
  • Must be available for election supplies drop off the weekend before the election.
  • Contacts inspectors and other election workers prior to Election Day to ensure availability and finds replacements, if necessary.
  • Contacts the polling place prior to Election Day to secure entry on Election Day and ensures tables/chairs are set up.
  • Must arrive at the polls by 6:00 AM to prepare polls for prompt 7:00 AM opening to the voters.
  • In charge of the polling place on Election Day, assigns duties of the day, and takes the lead on any issues that arise throughout the day (with Elections Office support).
  • Responsible for keeping order in the polling place and may call upon various law enforcement authorities to assist them to that end.
  • May assist with opening/closing the voting machines but may not touch the voting machines during the day.
  • Oversees and prepares reports at the end of the day.
  • Processes all paperwork to be returned to Elections Office that election night.
  • May not go home on election night until all paperwork, supplies, and CF cards from each scanner are returned to the Elections Office.
  • Judges must work the full day.