Request a Voter Listing

Registered voters in York County, Pennsylvania can request a list of voters for certain areas or for the entire county.

Voter List Types:

  • Street List (Includes voter name, residential and mailing addresses, party, and status.)
  • Full Voter Export List (Includes voter ID number, name, sex, date registered, status, dates status last changed, party, residential and mailing addresses, polling place, date last voted, all districts in which the voter votes (i.e. congressional, legislative, school district, etc.), voter history, and date the voter's record was last changed.)
  • Super Voter List (Includes voters who have not missed one Primary or General Election in the specified report dates.  Also provides precinct, name, residential and mailing addresses, party, and status.)

To request a listing of the entire county, please contact the Pennsylvania Department of State.

To request a listing of certain areas within York County, please complete this form and return it to our office in-person or by mail.  Electronic copies of the listing will cost $20.  Fees will be calculated for printed copies at $0.50 per page.

Pay online for lists requested from York County Elections and Voter Registration through