Additional Programs

Additional Programs related to Mental Health include:

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

  • CIT is made up of law enforcement and mental health professionals.
  • Their goals are to:
    • Connect people who have a mental illness and are in crisis with appropriate resources.
    • Help law enforcement be better equipped to divert and assist people with mental illness.
    • Decrease the number of arrests of people with mental illness.
    • Decrease injuries to law enforcement and people with mental illness during police encounters.
  • For more information, contact Katherine Gruver at 717-771-9618 or
  • Click here to find CIT on Facebook!

Disaster, Crisis Outreach, and Referral Team (DCORT)

  • DCORT helps people who have been impacted by a disaster, crisis, or serious public incident.
  • They provide emotional support and therapeutic activities to help with recovery.
  • To volunteer or make a referral, contact Katherine Gruver at 717-771-9618 or
  • For more information on York County emergency response, contact the York County Office of Emergency Management at 717-840-2990.

School-Based Liaisons

  • They support students grades kindergarten through 12 in participating school districts who have mental, social, emotional, and/or behavioral needs.
  • For more information:
    • Contact our office at 717-771-9893.
    • You can also contact child's school district.