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Park Regulations

York County Parks operates 11 parks with over 4,500 acres, two museums, a nature center, and a historic site. Please choose from the list at left to learn more about the specific parks or sites. Below is a listing of the general Parks rules.

  1. Parks are open from dawn to dusk, unless otherwise posted.
  2. Speed limit 25 miles per hour, unless otherwise posted. Operation of vehicles in reckless or negligent manner is prohibited.
  3. Pets and horseback riding is prohibited in Richard M. Nixon County Park. Bikes are not permitted on trails in Nixon Park.
  4. Park cars in designated parking areas. Please do not park on grass or in front of gates.
  5. Please don't be a "litterbug."
  6. Alcoholic beverages and narcotics are strictly prohibited.
  7. No peddling, soliciting, or posting of signs without authorization.
  8. Indecent language, excessively loud noise, disorderly conduct, immoral action, or nudity are not permitted.
  9. No fireworks or explosive devices unless authorized.
  10. Damaging, defacing or removing any plant, animal, natural feature, object, sign, structure, equipment, or other material is strictly prohibited.
  11. It is unlawful to catch, kill, wound, molest or do harm to any wildlife.
  12. Tabletop gas stoves are permitted at individual park tables. Charcoal stoves are not permitted due to disposal of hot coals.
  13. No swimming.
  14. No camping unless authorized.
  15. Equestrians, hikers and bicyclists must obey all trail signs.
  16. Boat launching in designated areas only (Lake Redman and Lake Williams).
  17. Drones permitted in designated areas only (Highpoint Scenic Vista and Recreation Area and the Animal Activity Area at Spring Valley). All FAA rules and regulations apply. 
  18. Disabled vehicles must be reported to Park Rangers immediately.

These rules do not reflect all the regulations governing the use of the Parks. For additional information, please feel free to contact the Administration Office or ask any York County Park Ranger.

View a printable version of all Park Regulations (PDF).

Vision Statement - Ranger Division: The York County Ranger Division is dedicated to the principle of providing education and enforcement to insure protection for the parks and provide the visitors a meaningful and enjoyable, safe and secure park and recreation experience.

Thank you for patronizing the York County Parks!