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Welcome to York County Elections and Voter Registration

Upcoming Election:  

Municipal Primary Election - Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Federal General Election, November 8, 2022 Information:

Act 88 Notice:  In accordance with Act 88's reporting requirements, York County received an unofficial total of 34,048 mail-in and absentee ballots by 8:00 pm on Election Day.

2022 General Election Proclamation and Notice of Canvassing

Notice of Election for Military and Overseas Voters (PDF)

Oficio de elecciones para los votantes militares y que se encuentran en el exterior (PDF)

Notice of Polling Place Changes (PDF)

Los siguientes centros electorales se modificarán para las próximas elecciones del martes 8 de noviembre de 2022 (PDF)

For information on registering to vote, obtaining a mail-in or absentee ballot, or how to get started participating in elections, please visit our Voter Services page.

For information on types of elections, upcoming election dates, poll workers, and candidates/running for office, please visit our Election Information page.

For information on who's on my ballot, where do I vote, how to vote, and voting machine demonstrations, please visit our Plan Your Vote page. 

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York County Board of Elections

President Commissioner Wheeler
Vice President Commissioner Hoke
Commissioner Smith

York County Board of Elections Mission

The mission of York County Elections & Voter Registration Office is to ensure that each citizen of York County who is eligible to register and vote is able to do so; that York County elections are operated with the upmost integrity, transparency, and accountability; and that the department is known for its excellence in customer service and administration of elections.

York County Board of Elections Responsibilities

  • Registering voters and managing elections for York County
  • Processing new registrations, moves, change of political party, etc.
  • Furnishing street lists (alphabetical listing by street of all individuals registered to vote within York County)
  • Distributing and receiving nomination petitions
  • Preparing ballot
  • Retaining/paying local election board members
  • Programming and distributing voting machines to 161 voting precincts throughout York County
  • Distributing and receiving campaign expense statements/reports
  • Certifying election results
  • Receiving and retaining Statements of Financial Interest for candidates, nominees, public officials, public employees, or solicitors

Information Regarding Mass-Mailings of Registrations and Mail-in Ballot Applications:

The York County Elections & Voter Registration office is not affiliated with any outside third party organizations. If you have received a registration form or mail-in ballot application from a third party and you no longer wish to receive them, please contact the organization who sent it. Outside organizations may be using old or incomplete voter lists to send their mailings. The documents being sent from these third-party groups are APPLICATIONS, not ballots.  Official ballots are sent from the York County Elections and Voter Registration Office only at the request of the voter.  The Elections & Voter Registration Office is aware of the following organizations sending mass mailings:

Please see the following press release (English) (pdf) presione soltar (en Español) (PDF) for more information.

  1. Elections & Voter Registration

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    Phone: 717-771-9604
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Office Hours:

Monday - Friday
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